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Growing Guyana's

Green Future!

About Us

Founded in May, 2016, The Guyana Hemp Association is the only official Hemp organization in Guyana recognized, and working directly with the Government to regularize and implement the Hemp Industries.
Our focus is to help build, and facilitate the expansion of the Guyanese, and Global Hemp industries and communities. We hope to propel Guyana to the forefront of one of the world's oldest, fastest growing, and most viable industries.


Most nutritionally complete food source in the world
Carbon-Negative building materials
1 acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 acres of trees
Bio-degradable plastics and composites
Requires 1/2 as much water, and no pesticides, compared to cotton
Hemp Bio-Diesel produces 90% less emissions, and requires no modificatoins to vehicles
"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"
-Henry Ford
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