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Founded in May 2016, The Guyana Hemp Association is the first official Hemp organization in Guyana. Our focus is to help build, and facilitate the expansion of the local Guyanese, and global Hemp industries and communities. Industrial Hemp will bring prosperity to all regions and people of Guyana. It is the solution for Guyana providing equal opportunity for all, only through equal opportunity can we progress into our great green future.


We will propel Guyana to the forefront of one of the world's oldest, fastest growing, and most viable industries.


The GHA also serves as an umbrella to many active local associations in the various regions and communities in Guyana. For local Guyanese members, we will also direct you to associations in your local communities which provide great activism, business, and networking opportunities.



Member Benefits


The GHA offers to its members a complete suite of knowledge and capability for entrance, and long-term success in the local and global hemp markets and industries. GHA members will have access to hemp research, farming, processing, product development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, education, as well as public sector consultation and industry/cultivation development.


The GHA will also serve as a body to represent credibility and good business ethics to the local and global Hemp communities and industries that are interested in getting involved with Hemp in Guyana. All members of the association are strictly required to adhere to the GHA’s Code of Ethics or forfeit their membership.


If you’re interested in working with Industrial Hemp, then the GHA is interested in working with you!


Economic Opportunities

Thousands of new jobs will be created, and millions of dollars of revenue have been generated with the potential for much more. Guyana is to be the leader in Industrial Hemp production and processing for this hemisphere of the world. Agro-Industry is what the Guyanese do best, now is the opportunity to capitalize on the natural ability of this great nation. 


Global Reach & Accessibility

The GHA is a friendly environment for local and global hemp businesses. Members network and support one another through the exchange of ideas, the sharing of information, expertise, and services. As a member, you or your company will have access to the pioneering entrepreneurs and leaders in the hemp industry. As a member, you or your company will also have the opportunity to help others build the worldwide hemp industry.



Joining the GHA includes numerous benefits:

  • Members only email newsletter & special reports

  • Opportunity to participate in all GHA sponsored or related programs

  • Discounts from GHA members on products and services

  • Listing in the Members & Products Directory on GHA Web site, with link to your site

  • Opportunities to display products at the GHA booth at trade shows and events

  • Opportunities to participate in the GHA social networking program

  • Public relations team to educate the media about the benefits and growth of our industry

  • A GHA Member sticker and permission to proudly display the GHA member logo.


If you have questions about joining the GHA, please feel free to contact GHA directly.

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